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Monday, 13 June 2011

Who are GiffGaff?

As I am coming up to my renewal with O2 and i'm pretty happy with my handset I figured I would shop around for a good SIM-only deal. I looked at all the usual suspects as well as some of the more competitive offerings from Three, Tesco Mobile and Asda amongst others. I had pretty much settled on a switch to Three until I stumbled upon GiffGaff's site, I had never heard of them but they had a swish site and they seemed to offer a fantastic deal so being naturally cynical I dug a little deeper. Giffgaff are part of O2 and reportedly came about as a result of O2's Head of Brand Strategy Gav Thompson studying Web 2.0 technologies (Thanks WikiPedia!!)

GiffGaff Advert

Goody Bags
The basic pay-and-go offering is a great deal with 8p per min calls and 4p texts which compares favourable with other providers but add a 'goodybag' and things start to get a whole lot better. Once you have topped up you have the option to purchase a goodybag which is essentially a package deal. You can view the current deals to the right of this page.

It does seem a bit of a pain to have to top up and then choose a goodybag but you do get the option to queue up 2 at a time which is handy. Having come from being on pay-monthly for a while this seems a bit laborious as first but definitely worth it for such a superb deal. 

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